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Our Services

Thin Technologies exists for the sole purpose of enabling IT re-sellers and manufactures to integrate their products and solutions to end-users.  We provide a full line of IT services and project management in the channel for a true value-add our partners can rely on.

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Why Work With Us

Thin Technologies has always worked on the cutting and bleeding edge of various technologies.  Our specialties are always changing and we are routinely involved in high risk projects.  The niche we have developed is helping re-sellers of all sizes create or extend their engineering bench to deliver a range of basic to complex and often high-end services.

We often engage from Initial Project Scoping through Post-Implementation Support, including Knowledge Transfer and Documentation. With built in Project Management, your account teams can rest easy knowing that the project is going to get done on time and with the utmost professionalism.

Thin Technologies is generally able to provide skills beyond our partners’ internal bench allowing for the sales of products and services that otherwise may go unsold. Never lose a sales opportunity again, become your client’s first call every time, get that return business and potential cross-sales.

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Our Philosophy

Efficiency through innovation and technology.  Thin Technologies thinks outside the box.  We believe in a better way of doing business.  Business that doesn't point the finger but rather identifies the challenge, architects the solution and executes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Are Saying

In response to a customer system threat mitigation and immediate patch discovery and application request.

Thank you!!
Thank you so much for your support and swift response to an urgent matter brought before the project team.

Customer compliment at the conclusion of a major storage uplift.

{The resource}...was professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. It was very clear right from the start that not only does have the knowledge, but he has the devotion to excellence to perform his job efficaciously.

In response to another on-time delivery of services.

Great job guys. Thanks very much for making this successful and on time.

Healthcare customer grateful upon completion of their high risk network uplift.

I want to say THANK YOU on behalf our EMS Program..You all have been very helpful in this process.

Upon completing of a multi petabyte, international data migration.

The work Thin Technologies completed was high quality, any of the follow-ups we had were addressed very quickly by the team. Even though being remote, they worked out very well.

Partner feedback after a large engagement wrapped up. We were brought in to save the project.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the services team for a job well done! We had a FlexPod implementation to perform for {Customer}. We have had several good experiences with your services, so decided to investigate using {Your Team} for this implementation. Your team made it very easy for us to get through the scoping process, and meet the customer’s expectations around level of effort. They were also able to schedule an engineer to meet the customer’s timeline. This customer has been pretty particular about how services are performed, and has even had issues with {Manufacture} engineers in the past. The Thin Technologies engineer was scheduled to do the work. After the engagement was over, {Customer} called the sales team to ask that the Thin Technologies engineer be used for all future engagements, as they were very pleased with his work.

In short, you made our lives easier, and made a happy customer, so thanks to the team for this success.

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About Us

Founded in 2009, Thin Technologies is an enterprise IT consulting firm that specializes in data-center technology architecture and integration in support of manufacturers and re-sellers. We build relationships with partners to provide skills and experience needed to enable them to sell and deliver best in class services to their clients.

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