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We are an end user organization, can we engage directly?

We’d love to work with you directly, however our model won’t allow for it.  We are directed at the sales channel, similar to product sales, allowing us to enable many re-sellers to provide value to their clients across the country and the globe.

We don’t currently work with an IT vendor or reseller, how do we get access to your team?

If you do not currently purchase product through a local re-seller, or simply don’t have a good relationship with one, reach out and we will recommend a partner re-seller in your area.

We are a reseller, how will benifit from Thin Technologies services?

Thin Technologies has always worked on the cutting and bleeding edge of various technologies.  Our specialties are always changing and we are routinely involved in high risk projects.  The niche we have developed is helping re-sellers of all sizes create or extend their engineering bench to deliver services that may be too new and risky or simply don’t have the staff to accomplish the task.  We work along side in-house teams or solo, from start to finish.